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Lease Financing for Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit Projects

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Commercial Financing for your LED Business Lighting Project

 Enormous savings can be realized when you replace your high wattage incandescent, halogen, T12 fluorescent tube or HID lighting (High Intensity Discharge such as metal halide or high pressure sodium) with low wattage, long lasting LED bulbs.


Your LED Retrofit Analysis report shows you the monthly energy savings you will start seeing on your electric bill once the old bulbs are replaced with the lower wattage LED replacements.  In most cases, your electric kwh for lighting will drop by at least 50%!   And, you now know how much you'll be saving by not having to replace burned out bulbs and ballasts while your new LED bulb keeps on burning for 50,000 hours.


Finance Your LED Retrofit Project and Let the Savings Make Your Payments


We work to structure a financing arrangement so that the monthly payment is less than the amount of projected savings; actually freeing up some cash flow for your business. 


Commercial Funding Network Lease to Own Financing for LED projects Lease Equipment Financing for Commercial LED Lighting Projects

Our network of independent funding sources approve equipment financing using the long life LED bulbs as security. The funding approval is based on the current financial strength and credit ratings of both the business and its owners. Lease repayment terms are typically 3 to 5 years with longer terms available on an exception basis.

 Call Commercial Funding Network at 800-503-1972 for a customized financing plan for your Business LED Retrofit Project


Commercial Property Projects Public Projects
Credit approval is based on the financial strength of the business. For requests over $250,000 we review the most recent three years of financial statements to confirm:
  • 1.2 to 1 Debt Service Coverage Ratio

  • Interim Profitability

  • Profitable 2 of last 3 years

  • Tangible net worth $5 million

  • Minimum $20 million annual revenue

Our municipal leasing division specializes in structuring and funding Municipal Tax-Exempt financings for real-property projects by state agencies and their political subdivisions such as counties, cities, towns, villages, public universities and colleges, police and fire departments, school districts, municipal hospitals and other municipal districts.  To get started, send us your quote and he name of the public agency, we'll confirm their public credit rating and get back to you with a quote.

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